Structural Engineering

KGC solves design challenges and has extensive industrial rehabilitation experience.

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Quick Facts

  • KGC’s Structural Engineering Division is uniquely supported by a full-time environmental and coatings division. By working across disciplines, we are able to bring in experts when needed and pass the cost savings onto our clients.
  • We use the latest design software & building information models to ensure the most economical and constructible designs (steel, concrete, timber, aluminum) for our clients.
  • KGC maintains a reputation for high-quality, innovative, and aesthetically pleasing work. From schematic design to detailed engineering, we pay particular attention to the constructibility and economy of our structures.

Solving Complex Construction Challenges

KGC’s Structural Engineering Division has experience with a variety of construction materials, building techniques and construction delivery methods. We assess design challenges against industry standards and our experience in order to present the most suitable solution. This can be for temporary works, a complex multi-million pound structure or a beam to allow a domestic extension. Whatever the construction challenge, we are able to use our experience and skills to provide the right answer.

Spanning the Range of Built Structures

KGC’s Structural Engineering Division has experience with all types of structures, including: buildings, bridges, industrial facilities & equipment, transmissions & telecommunication towers, pressure vessels & tanks.

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