The KGC Difference

The KGC Difference

At KGC we are different. Timely, quality services are expected from professional service providers – to our clients in the industrial rehabilitation industry, we offer more.

  • Solution Focused: We work collaboratively to find solutions that further our clients’ business objectives. Our practical, hands on approach, facilitates knowledge transfer to our clients.
  • Always Responsive: We put our clients first. Work is scheduled to accommodate their needs and we are able to respond rapidly when issues arise.
  • Expert Knowledge: We have over 20 years experience in complex environmental and rehabilitation issues, stay up to date on current mandates and emerging practices, and really understand the fundamental business challenges of the industrial rehabilitation sector.
  • Thought Leadership: We translate our knowledge into high quality thought leadership. We develop content that is highly specific to a client’s unique business situation, that shows meaningful depth in understanding of the market’s problems and the solutions, and that provides real examples successfully applied.
  • Process Oriented:  We have a distinct methodology that defines how we conduct business that is specific and unique to our clients operations. And we provide operational and  process consulting that impacts the daily operations of our clients’ infrastructure investments.
  • Forward Looking: At KGC we  have a distinct point-of-view on how things should be done in the industrial rehabilitation industry. Our point-of-view is grounded in a set of core beliefs about where the market is and where it’s going. We will help challenge convention and push the boundaries of what could be for our clients.

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